IAPMO 88th Annual Education & Business Conference

IAPMO 88th Annual Education & Business Conference

The nation's only event specifically for plumbing and mechanical code enforcement officials.

The Keynote Speaker will be Lance Mackey, an American dog musher and dog sled racer from Fairbanks, Alaska, who is a four-time winner of the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest and four-time winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Code education is one of the keys to our program. This year we have 10 seminars including Calculating Peak Water Demand Using New Methods, Backflow Protection of Labs, Multi-Station Dental, and Dialysis Equipment, Energy Code Requirements for Plumbing and Mechanical Systems, Is Our Water Supply Vulnerable to Terrorism? How It Can Be Protected, Accessibility and the UPC, Spotting Counterfeit Plumbing Products, Solar of Heating of Water, Space, and Swimming Pools, and 2015 UMC Grease ducts and Hood installations (wood frame construction etc.) in addition to our annual workshops and code review classes. Manufacturers will also be in attendance showcasing their newest technology and networking with the regulators within jurisdictions.

Our exhibition format and specialized learning sessions is designed for both government agencies and professional contractors.

Only the second day where code changes are discussed are free. The remaining day and activities are paid admission.

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